Messages from The Group Souls of The Animals

Connect with the wisdom archive of The Animals Group Souls!

Animals possess profound wisdom on a spiritual level.

When we connect with their knowledge and experience through energy work,

We can benefit in our own spiritual growth

and unfoldment, by understanding more

from their wisdom archive

Connect to the Group Soul of an animal

& learn from their Wisdom Archive

With this exercise, you will learn an easily adaptable way to

contact the Group Soul of any animal you wish.


You will be able to connect with the Insights of any animal species Group Soul

& receive messages and wisdom from them to you.

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Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course

The Animalhealer Academy

Foundation Course

is the Corner Stone in

The Animalhealer Academy!


This course will provide you with a

thorough baseline of knowledge, tools and practices for your Spiritual Work with The Animal Kingdom.


Course Modules

Each Module will take you you into the fundamental 'Knots & Bolts' of Animal Healing & Animal Communication


Main Topics

These topics are your overall Focus Areas, when learning to navigate the Energy Landscape of The Spiritual Animal Kingdom

Your solid foundation of knowledge in Connecting, Healing and Communicating with The Animals

  • Healing in Theory

    • Introduction to Healing Animals
    • The Structure of The Energy Body
    • The Interconnectedness of Animals & Humans
  • Spiritual Development

    • A Study in Spirituality & Your Own Inner Work
    • The Group Soul & The Oversoul Varieties
    • Soul Animals & Karma Animals
  • Energy Work

    • Clairs & Your Sensory System
    • Initiation of The Healing Session
    • Healing Methods
  • Animalhealers Toolbox

    • Working with Your Guide Team
    • Animal Communication
    • Healing Techniques

Venture into a

Spiritual Journey with The Animals!

This is about giving your Service to The Animals, doing right by the Animals of Our World and sharing Energy and Spirit with these wonderful beings, learning from their wisdom and sharing yours with them, in joined Love & Compassion.

When you sign up for The Foundation Course,

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The Animalhealer Academy

Rescue Program,

Designed to help Rescue Centers care for animals in need


In the Rescue Program we share our work!

As part of this program we host complimentary online events:

Quarterly Group Calls Q&A +

Rescue Animal News!

Let us together help Save the Animals of this world, One Animal @ a time!!

Our programs cover in-depth training around all the important
aspects of deepening your connection with the animals & becoming a

Lightworker for The Animals!

Animalhealer Academy is a Spiritual Transformation Platform where you can Deepen your Connection with your Animal Friends and enhance your Spiritual Understanding of The Animal Kingdom, while learning how to Heal & Communicate with The Animals.

"Animal Healer Academy just opened a new door for me, a dream so big I couldn't even imagine: communicating with animals, what a gift! Our professor Charlotte is amazing, she explains everything in a very clear way and the lessons are very enlightening and complete. I highly recommend the Animalhealer Academy and the Foundation course"

with love Joana ❤

Joana, Portugal

''With Animalhealer Academy Charlotte has created a very much needed space for those who have an interest in animal communication and animal healing. Charlotte Banff is a well of knowledge and intuitive information on the subject. It is absolutely clear that her driving force is connection to and compassion for the animals - and the humans who are lucky enough to be around them. In Animalhealer Academy she generously share her knowledge with her students, who no doubt will be glad they enrolled in the course. I know I AM !!'' Camilla

Camilla, Denmark

Animalhealer Academy
Deepen your studies as a Mentee!

This is a Calling towards 

DedicationDeep Studying and of

Being in Service to Helping Animals in this world,

by working in the Spiritual Realm of The Animal Kingdom.


Becoming a Mentee is a significant step in your Spiritual Work for The Animals!

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  • Rescue Animals by sharing our knowledge

    The Rescue Program is what brought the whole idea of the Animalhealer Academy into the world!

    How do we best share what we know, to the benefit of  humans & animals? When we share what we know with eachother, more people can help more animals!

  • Supports donations to Rescue Animals

    When you join the Animalhealer Academy as a Mentee, you help us help rescue animals through your support of our Rescue Program! Parts of the course fee funds the Rescue Program. We thank you from our Hearts, for helping us help the animals! Together We Are Better! :o)

  • 2-time payments

    Pay half of the course fee @ sign-up and a subsequent  payment for the second half of the fee after 3 months

  • Do you need another payment option?

    Please contact us, if you need another kind of payment plan! Flexibility is crucial for us in these trying  times and we will be happy to adjust our plans to meet your needs!

    Don't be shy to ask for our assistance with this!

    We are here to help eachother!

  • Join a Heartcentered Community

    Mentees are automatically part of 'The Lemur Pen'.

    An online community of Heartcentered Animal Lovers!

    We host a variety on online activities around the healing work, that supports the animals in the rescue centers we support with Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program.

We can all live in Unity with The Animals.

A spiritual approach is a wonderful way of

getting into Unity with The Animal Kingdom and share

our Unique Spiritual Connection with them.


Connection * Spirituality * Communication


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